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on! Mint

On! Mint nicotine pouches have a refreshing mint flavor with cooling effect and nicotine delivery as soon as the white, dry bags become slightly moist. Mini size that fits all that does not want it to appear or feel like a ball under the lip.

What are Nicotine Pouches?
Nicotine pouches (or white pouches) are pre-portioned pouches containing food grade fillers, water, salt, flavourings and pharmacutical grade nicotine. Unlike traditional SNUS, no tobacco is in a nicotine pouch which is what makes them more satisfying, pure and better flavoured to traditional tobacco based products. Nicotine pouches are quite new to Australia and New Zealand but are extremely popular as an alternative to smoking tobacco in Nordic countries as well as the United States.

Directions for Use
To use, simply insert a pouch between your upper lip or cheek and your gum. Once inserted (and comfortable), nicotine and taste will be released. When finished, dispose of the pouch in the rubbish or the lid of your nicotine pouch can which includes a purpose built compartment for used pouches.

How do I choose?
If you're new to nicotine pouches it may take some getting used to at first. We recommend getting a mild (lower nicotine) variant to try first. Going directly to a high strength nicotine pouch will likely be overwhelming, and cause a stinging sensation if you're not used to it. If you find you're needing something a bit stronger to relieve nicotine cravings then work yourself up to a level that works for you.